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dCultural & Inclusive Program

Ballan Pre-school provides a bilingual and inclusive program which is aimed at awareness of diverse cultures as well as inclusion of all children and families within the community. The program offers experiences for families to reflect on their home life and to bring these experiences into the environment for the other families and children to gain from these positive outcomes.  We value each and every child’s journey and feel privileged to be apart of your child’s lives.

d Family, Community & Relationships

The family is the key influence on a child’s learning, therefore, it is essential that a child’s family experiences and also the family’s perception of their child’s learning is taken into account and placed within the program.

A connection is established between home and the pre-school community to ensure continuity of care and education. Families are represented within the pre-school community through family photographs which creates a continuous reminder of the home-to-program connection.


dProgram to 3 and over Kindergarten

Activity Group is an informal program which gives children the opportunity to separate from parents, sometimes for the first time. The program is based on the strengths and interests of each child and flows on each week based on the feedback we gain from the children and from our own observations. Click here to read MORE ...

4 Year Old Kindergarten Program

During a child's kinder year, it is very important that their individual needs are met and built upon to be able to encourage that child to accept challenges and become a successful learner. All the experiences on offer here at Ballan Kindergarten have been prepared using the child's interests, strengths and prior achievements as a guide. The children will achieve many important goals during this time at Kindergarten. Click here to read MORE ...

d fClick here to read MORE


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